What makes Abeki's templates different from the others I see online?

It's more than just surface information.  I took my 25 years of experience, thought of all the issues that emerging and experienced event professionals may have and created templates that will help them streamline their business and help to create an amazing client experience process.   I listened to people in the industry were saying and worked on providing templates that would serve as a resource guide to help them navigate the business of wedding and events.

Can I return or exchange my templates?

If you have any problems with your templates please reach out to me in an email addressing the problem.  I can be reached at eventcoachcarter@gmail.com.  The templates are a digital download so I do not offer an option to exchange but if you are not satisfied with your templates you may request a full refund with-in (7) business days of your original purchase.

Do the templates work for both MAC and PC?

Yes, the files are compatible with both systems.  After your purchase, you will be able to download a ZIP file containing multiple templates or a PDF containing a single template.  If you have any problems downloading your templates please email me at eventcoachcarter@gmail.com


How do I download my templates?

After you have made your purchase you will receive an email with a link to download your templates. Follow the link and it's an instant download to your computer or phone.

Can I print my templates?

Yes.  After download you can print your templates to create a library of your resources or as a handy guide or checklist to reference.


How do I use my templates?

After you have downloaded your templates to a safe place like saved to your computer, a cloud storage or an external hard drive, you should review the entire document and make the necessary changes to customize it to how you do business.  Put your own spin to it this way it speaks directly to your clients.